“I’m not paranoid, like you.” Yep, that was just one of my snarky responses to the video we released endorsing the idea of a shower gun, or a shower knife. When we filmed and released the video in the winter of 2021, there had been two separate instances where citizens had experienced home invasions while they were either in the bathroom or retreated to the bathroom. 

Let’s face it. We spend a good amount of our time in the bathroom for various reasons. Heck, I’ve been married for 30 years and my wife still spends a good 30 to 40 minutes in the bathroom before we go out for dinner. Understanding that we cannot predict when criminal scum will break into our homes, do we believe that they would not do so while we are in the water closet?

Terror in the Middle of the Day

In August of 2022, a woman was taking a shower in the afternoon when she heard her children screaming for help. She bolted from the bathroom dripping wet and in a panic. The mother of two discovered a man had broken into her house. She had to run to her bedroom to retrieve a gun. 

Despite the fact that the woman was armed and the family dogs were accosting him, the home invader charged at her. She fired the gun, and the intruder stopped, and died. Fortunately the mother and her children were unharmed physically, but they were psychologically terrified.

One can only speculate as to what might have happened if the deranged home invader would have gotten between the mother and the bedroom where her gun was stored.

The Police Will Arrive, Eventually

During one of the earlier examples, the homeowner called 9-1-1 from the bathroom while four home invaders ransacked his house. The police arrived ten minutes later after the criminals had left. As for the incident with the mother who was in the shower, the police did arrive after it was over. And then they arrested the homeowner and took her to jail for questioning.

The moral of the story is not difficult to understand. During a home invasion, the police will eventually arrive. They will either get there after you have been murdered or raped. They will show up and take a report if you survived after hiding. Or, as in the case of the mother of two, they will arrest you after you defend yourself. 

The one thing that the police will NOT be in a position to do is stop the home invasion and defend you from attack. That part is up to you. Sorry such is the reality of the world in which we live. 

Shower Gun Candidates

During our video we recommended the Hi-Point C9 9mm pistol secured in a water-proof plastic box. Like them or not, Hi-Point pistols are infinitely reliable and inexpensive. The perfect solution for a gun that will be stored more than it will be used.

The truth of the matter is, I do not care which gun you choose to employ as a shower gun. You are an American, live your life how you see fit.

You can choose to be an unarmed victim, roll the dice and take your chances. That’s the great thing about being an American. You have the choice to be an armed citizen and defend your family. Or you can choose to be disarmed and put yourself at the mercy of any criminal scum bag or group of scumbags that decide to kick in your front door and take whatever they can get, possibly including your life. 

The Shower Gun: What’s In Your Bathroom?

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