*Author’s Note: this is an update to the 2016 article; “Voter Fraud: Who will Pick up the Turd?”. The article is included below.

More Registered Voters than People

On October 16, 2020, Judicial Watch filed a detailed report explaining how 353 counties in 29 states had more voter registrations than people who were eligible to vote. The vast majority of the American media greeted that news with a grunt or a snore.

Like the proverbial Frank Drebin standing at the end of the street in front of an exploding building, the media’s response to the Judicial Watch report was “Nothing to see here. Please disperse.”

Then, when hundreds of thousands of Biden ballots appeared at polling places during the wee hours of the morning, miraculously pushing Joe past Trump just before sunrise, not one reporter could be found to raise an eyebrow. It was just a happy coincidence. 

Larry Correia, best-selling author, used to be an accountant. Using his accounting/auditing skills, Larry points out not one or two, but innumerable red flags that point directly to lies and deceit. One of the best points in Larry’s review is the statistical impossibilities that we are all just supposed to open up and swallow. 

People finding bags of ballots in dumpsters and landfills? That’s purely an isolated incident, or several isolated incidents, not an indication of fraud. How about the software “glitch” that “accidentally” gave Trump votes to Biden? That glitchy software was used in numerous battlegrounds states. But again, just a coincidence. 

History of Blatant Voter Fraud

“There isn’t a need for you to wait in line anymore. Took care of it for you. Gave you a straight Democratic ticket.” said a North Carolina man via Facebook as he bragged about committing voter fraud.1 He continued his taunt “Isn’t North Carolina nice they give you a sticker every time you vote… No ID required.”


Voter Fraud (Image sourced from gatewaypundit.com)

What is Voter Fraud?

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Reports of voter fraud began to emerge during the early voting time period leading up to November 8, 2016. In California, a stack of 83 absentee ballots addressed to one small apartment were accidentally discovered by a neighbor. Eighty-three names on ballots all assigned to a single apartment, smells like voter fraud to anyone with a nose.

As a matter of fact, California passed a law automatically registering “California residents” who are issued a driver’s license to vote. Illegal aliens, unlawfully in the United States and not eligible to vote, are being issued CA Driver’s Licenses.

In Virginia, Democrat and longtime Clinton-supporter, Gov. Terry McAuliffe granted an unprecedented — and illegal — blanket pardon to thousands of felons, reinstating their right to vote. Criminals historically vote exclusively for Democrats.

Historical Apathy

Why has voter fraud become so easy? Why is it so acceptable that people feel emboldened to publicly brag about it on social media? It is a crime after all. Would you publicly brag about embezzling money from a company on Facebook?

Perhaps the answer is that only rarely is voter fraud ever prosecuted, even when the action is well-documented and obvious. The US Dept of Justice failed to prosecute an Ohio woman who voted six times for Barack Obama, even after she publicly admitted it.

Republicans and conservatives, though the primary victims of voter fraud, rarely ever push for prosecution of voter fraud cases. One can only surmise that if they won the election they do not want to be perceived as “vindictive.” If they lost, they fear the label of “poor loser” or “cry-baby”.

Win or lose, when voter fraud goes unpunished, to the point that people begin to view it as some kind of game or funny joke, we are guaranteeing that it will continue. Basic human nature demonstrates that even if a behavior is prohibited, if violations of the act go unpunished that behavior will continue and even increase.

Some reasonable people would offer that once the election is over, it is simply too late to do anything about any voter fraud that took place. This is particularly true if their candidate won, and the “it doesn’t make any difference now” attitude pervades.

Who is going to Pick Up the Turd?

To aforementioned people I would ask, have you ever owned a dog? Do you own an “inside” dog? If you were to come home and find a dog turd on the living room floor, you would not ignore it, would you?

You need to pick up the turd. Many folks might think, “Well, it’s too late to punish the dog now, the deed has been done.” They dispose of the turd and hope it won’t happen again. But, not having addressed the issue, they virtually assure that it will take place again.

Perhaps, you didn’t let your dog out soon enough or you changed their diet and they could not help it. Regardless of the reason why your dog crapped on the floor, just “moving on” and ignoring it will not stop it from happening again. The dog might get the impression that it is now okay to relieve him or herself on the living room floor.


Two of our family dogs, Recon (left) and Kira (right)

Ladies and gentlemen, voter fraud in the United States of America is a stinking pile of dog excrement in our Representative Republic house. The reason it keeps occurring, and with greater frequency, is because after every election cycle we merely dispose of the turd but never address why it keeps happening. We never put the dog’s nose in it and say “No. Bad Dog!” We never publicly punish or hold accountable those who violate our laws and then laugh in our faces.

In conclusion, the 2018 Election cycle will be here before you know it. If we continue to fear Media generated shame campaigns, if we fear the label “vindictive” or “sore loser,” we are doomed to even more of the same. Like a clinically insane person, we keep doing the same thing and expect a different result.

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