Now, obviously, if you’re a smart person, you’ve figured out that the next thing I am going to talk about is handguns, and you would be correct.

Alright, folks. Welcome back to the Patriot Arsenal video series and this is the third video. I am Paul Markel host of Student of the Gun. Now during the first video, we talked about the AR-15. During the second video, we talked about using or employing a pump-action or a slide-action 12-gauge shotgun of some type.

Now, in the United States of America, there’s a tremendous number of handguns available to the American citizen. I couldn’t even name them all in this video and I’m not going to try. What I will recommend is one specific type or style of handgun that you should have in your kit. Now, you can have others. I don’t care. The one that I will recommend that you absolutely have, and when it comes to the Patriot Arsenal, it’s a minimum list. Three guns that you need to have.

Striker-fired Polymer-framed Handguns

You can have more than that, but these are the three that you should at least have. In here, what I have is a Century Arms or a Canik TP9SA. This is the original SA. Not the version two. You can still find these. Right now they’re very, very inexpensive. This one right here is a striker-fired 9mm handgun and that is exactly the type of handgun that you should have in your kit.

You should have a 9mm striker-fired polymer-framed handgun. I don’t care who manufactured it, but those things are very important. Why are they important? Well, number one, because it’s a striker-fired gun, like this one right here, there are very few external controls. There aren’t any decocking levers. Well, there is one, but you don’t have to use it.

The trigger is essentially the safety and the activator. It has a safety in the trigger. You load it; you point it; you press it.

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