NOTE: Given the recent events in Nashville, Tennessee, and the actions of a liberal lunatic at the Covenant Christian School. It seemed appropriate to republish an article written by Paul G. Markel in 2006. We need to ask ourselves, have we fixed the problem of liberal mental illness or have we made the situation far worse? 

Liberalism Kills

While it might have been the brute force of bullets that did the physical damage to four innocent victims in an Atlanta courthouse in late 2005, it was liberalism that killed them.  It is political correctness and liberalism, both one in the same, that allowed a jail administrator to assign a petite female grandmother to escort a young, strong, former football player to a courtroom to be tried for multiple violent felonies.  

It is the same liberalism that causes a judge to declare the courthouse a “weapons free” environment and attempt to sterilize it by having police officers, the genuine good guys, lock-up their means of defense against a deadly attack.  

It is liberalism that inspires people in positions of authority to place shiny, multi-colored signs and placards at the entrances to their business declaring “No Concealed Weapons Allowed”.   What they are saying is effect is this: 

“We do not trust the behavior or judgment of citizens who have submitted to criminal background investigation and passed it.  Who have submitted to photographing and fingerprinting.  Who have undergone firearms and legal training and been found to be competent.  Nope, don’t trust these people.”   

“However, if you are a tweaked out Meth-head, a career criminal, or a deranged psychopath bent on rape and murder.  Feel free to come on in.  No law-abiding citizen is armed to stop you.”

Liberalism clouds the judgment of otherwise rational people and forces them to look at the world not as a place of right or wrong, good or evil.  Liberalism despises such absolutes as archaic and out of date.  It is liberalism that will offer myriad excuses for criminal behavior and disallow the notion of good guys and bad guys.  In the world of liberalism there are no good guys or bad guys, only people with differing opinions.  

Aside from many obvious, or not so obvious fallacies, liberalism clings to a total inability to accept that there are those who would not play by their established rules.  A completely weapons free and sterile environment is a virtual utopia until a single person decides to break the rules and introduce a deadly weapon into the situation.  In that instant a gun free zone becomes a slaughterhouse as the person with “differing opinions” murders the helpless at will.  

“Be a Good Witness”

It is liberalism that tells homeowners and shopkeepers not to fight back against robbers and thieves.  Liberalism tells them to just give the person of differing opinion all the money and valuables that they desire and they will quickly leave.  After all, your insurance will cover the loss.  This is a wonderful plan until yet again these persons of differing opinions change the rules, herd everyone into a back room and begin to cut their throats or put bullets into their heads.  These very things took place in a Cracker Barrel restaurant in Venice, Florida and more recently a suburban home outside of Wheeling, West Virginia.  

More to the point, three planes full of “good witnesses” crashed into three buildings on September 11, 2001 killing three thousand innocent people.  While it may have been nineteen Islamic terrorists who committed the act, liberalism is complicit and played its part in setting the stage.

Think about it rationally, if you can.  Why did the Muslim fanatics reason that they could take over, not one, but several airplanes armed only with box-cutters and small knives?  It used to be that hijackers at least had to smuggle one or more guns on board to take over an airplane.  Thanks to liberalism you don’t even need a gun anymore.  

Decades of “don’t fight back, be a good witness” brainwashing assured that every person on the airplanes would cower like puppies, not in the face of sub-machine guns and grenades, but to box-cutters.  Anyone who considered fighting back would be immediately viewed as a dangerous renegade to be feared as much or more so than the actual terrorists.  “Be a good witness” is great advice until the bad guy decides that they aren’t going to be any witnesses.  

So skewed is our world view that when three thousand innocent Americans are murdered the liberal ask us to consider what we did to deserve it.  Why do they hate us?  What can we do to make them not murder our citizens?

Why Fear Retribution? 

Why should a criminal, I’m sorry, a person of differing opinion fear retribution today?  Historically, the more heinous their crime the more media attention they will get and the larger the number of liberal-minded criminal defense attorneys who line up to offer excuses for their behavior. 

It is not exactly true that liberalism has discarded the idea of good and evil.  They have simply shifted it from thinking creatures to inanimate objects.  Guns, cigarettes, and sport utility vehicles, all of which have no rational thought process or ability to make any independent decisions are vilified with the most derisive terms.  

Conversely, human beings who have the ability to make conscious decisions, to act or not to act in one way or another, are given a complete pass.  To label a person as evil is to judge that person and in the world of liberalism no man may judge another, that person’s actions being inconsequential.    

Poisoned Thinking 

If there are no evil or bad people in the world there can be no absolute good either, everyone is an equally existing creature.  Liberalism tells a jail administrator that it is acceptable, even preferable, to pair a petite grandmother with a young, strong, violent felon who towers over her.  

Liberalism inspires judges to disarm sworn law enforcement officers while at the same time removing leg shackles, handcuffs, and other restraints from persons of differing opinion who are charged with violent felonies.  Liberalism says that handcuffs and restraints will cause the jury to pre-judge the defendant and that cannot be tolerated.   

While judges once understood that the kidnapper, rapist, or murderer standing before them was a dangerous threat, particularly when about to be sentenced to life in prison or death, liberalism has clouded their minds to the point where the judge’s defense from attack is now left to chance or the good will of the murderer.  Where judges used to arm themselves on the bench against the potential murderous rage of a convicted killer, they now cloak themselves as the worthless security blanket of liberalism.  

Liberalism is so deadly and poisonous that even in the face of its obvious failure, those afflicted with its infection cling to it all the harder.  A case in point is the aftermath of the Atlanta Courthouse murders.   A Wayne County, Ohio judge told the local news media that, despite the murder of the judge and other innocent law enforcement officers, he still stands behind his decision to disarm all peace officers that enter his courtroom.  

More recently, despite the heinous murders of innocent children in school houses across the nation, liberals are clinging to failed exercises and half-step measures.  “We need more gun control.” was one of the first cries made by the liberal media after the Colorado and Pennsylvania killings.  For you see in the liberal mind people are not evil but inanimate firearms are. 

Even professional law enforcement personnel have been wasting time and energy talking about half-measures such as more surveillance cameras, locking all the doors, and having annual emergency drills.  No one on the television has brought up taking down the stupid placards that do disarm the law-abiding and advertise a ripe killing field to the evil.  Few, if any, are talking about immediately placing well-armed, well-trained and capable law enforcement officers in the schools.  

Consider for a moment a maximum-security prison.  Logically, such a place would seem to be the safest, most weapons free environment possible.  However, just the opposite is true.  Every time prison officials shake down the cell blocks and conduct thorough searches they come up with weapons.  Every time.  If we cannot sterilize a prison, how can we possibly expect to sterilize a public building?  

Surveillance cameras and alarm systems do not stop crime, they detect it.  People come and go in public buildings all day long.  We cannot lock-down our schools like prisons.  Even when the doors are locked people from the inside can open them.  Be reasonable, do you really think an armed and deranged maniac is going to be dissuaded because he has to try a bit harder to get into a school? 

The Rules have Changed

A good definition of insanity is doing the same thing time and again and expecting a different result.   For decades liberals have pushed to disarm the law abiding with restrictive gun control laws.  Despite the abject and demonstrable failure of these measures, they still clamor for more.  One more gun control law will fix the problem of violent crime, as if violent crime began with the invention of the firearm.  Before the invention of gunpowder the world was a peaceful and serene place.  It was that evil, inanimate gunpowder that brought about violence. 

Liberals clamor for hate crime laws and stricter penalties for those who use a gun to commit crimes.  Stabbing a person of the same race as you to death is not a serious act of hatred.  However, shoot someone who is of another race and now we have a problem. 

The rules have changed but we are too afraid to change with them.  Liberalism has so poisoned our minds that even the well-intentioned good guys fear to offer obvious solutions.  They fear being labeled as “paranoid, overzealous, radical or extremist.”  

The old rules of crime and terrorism no longer apply.  Terrorists no longer hijack an airplane, demand to be flown to Cuba, and release the passengers unharmed the next morning.  

Psychopathic predators no longer take over a building and demand a helicopter and $1,000,000 in unmarked bills.  Now they take over a school and commit acts of rape and depravity against our children while the cops and hostage negotiators set up shop outside.   

The enemies of the free world do not don uniforms and meet us on the field of battle.  They hide amongst the citizenry and randomly kill the innocent.  Liberals would have used to treat terrorists as common criminals to be arrested and tried in court.  Yes, these same courts have failed the citizens of our country for decades.  

Liberals would put a terrorist who saw off the head of an innocent hostage in the same court as a car thief or shoplifter.  Again, they are persons of differing opinions.  Liberals would claim that terrorists have “rights” and must be afforded due process.  While at the same time offering no rights to gun owners, cigarette smokers, or those who drive an SUV. 

Yes, liberalism kills.  It poisons the rational mind and clouds the thought process.  Liberalism enables, excuses, and denies genuine evil and hatred. There always have been and always will be evil people in the world.  Liberalism is most dangerous because it causes the just to hesitate, to second-guess themselves and lawful to fail to act even in the interest of their own self-preservation.

Examining the Armed Citizen: The Historic Struggle Between Man and the State for Control of Small Arms

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Paul G. Markel has worn many hats during his lifetime. He has been a U.S. Marine, Police Officer, Professional Bodyguard, and Small Arms and Tactics Instructor. Mr. Markel has been writing professionally for law enforcement and firearms periodicals for nearly twenty years with hundreds and hundreds of articles in print. Paul is a regular guest on nationally syndicated radio talk shows and subject matter expert in firearms training and use of force. Mr. Markel has been teaching safe and effective firearms handling to students young and old for decades and has worked actively with the 4-H Shooting Sports program. Paul holds numerous instructor certifications in multiple disciplines and a Bachelor’s degree in conflict resolution; nonetheless, he is and will remain a dedicated Student of the Gun.

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