(*Editors Note: this piece was originally published in 2014 but the topic is once again very timely)

As lawful American citizens gear up for another round of attacks from those who wish to disarm them, we are again beset with the task of defending something that in a sane world would not need to be defended. The question before all lawful citizens and true American patriots is what is required of us? Or what should we do?

As a part of my daily routine, I rise early, brew coffee, let the black lab out to do his thing, and sort through emails, etc. before commencing the day’s business. Frequently I will peruse the firearms related wires and formalized gun blogs. During today’s perusal I came across yet another assertion that it is not just conservatives and Republicans who “own” guns. The implication of the report was that we right-wing, conservative types need to be “inclusive” and recognize that left-wing, Democrat voters are gun owners as well. My response is, as Col. Sherman Potter used to say, “Horse Hockey!”

Owning a gun is not enough. It is your allegiance that matter most.
Owning a gun is not enough. It is your allegiance that matters most.

Obama Gun Owners

Do I believe that left-wing liberal-minded Obama voters do in fact possess firearms?  Of course they do. And, you know what? It does not make one damn bit of a difference. There’s a guitar in my closet and that makes me a “guitar owner” but ownership sure as hell doesn’t make me a musician.

People who thump their chest and declare that they are gun owners don’t impress me.  Big deal, anyone with cash and an I.D. can “own” a gun. If you claim to be a gun owner and voted for Hussein Obama you are not my ally. This fight is not about gun ownership, it’s about liberty. This fight is about whether or not the individual citizen will have the liberty to live their lives without government intrusion, to spend their money as they please, to provide for their families as they may and defend their lives and property from all manner of threats.

I’m reminded of a bumper sticker I saw last fall that read “Sportsmen for Obama”. That sentiment is akin to another short-lived movement, “Jews for Hitler”. If you claim status as a gun owner while at the same time holding the belief that an all powerful government has the authority to dictate whether or not a citizen has health insurance and what kind they must have you are not a friend of the free people. If you hold the conviction that a centralized government is the proper arbiter of fairness and that redistribution of wealth is a valid concept, you are the enemy, gun ownership notwithstanding.

Charlie Brown’s

The current crowd that populates the Republican Party does not exactly fill my heart with hope and joy. The majority are at best Charlie Brown’s in expensive suits, wishy-washy and as reliable as the weather. Conversely, those with a capital “D” behind their names can at least be relied upon to consistently vote against the will and interests of the American tax-payer. These ruling class vermin without fail are openly hostile to the United States Constitution and constantly seek out ways to circumvent it or nullify the founding documents.

Folks, the current battle is not about ownership of an object, it’s about allegiance. On which side of the fight do you place your allegiance? I’m sorry, but you progressive, liberal, Obama-voters who claim to support gun rights are both delusional and naïve. You cannot claim to support individual liberty as outlined in the Bill of Rights while offering your allegiance to those who wish to destroy it. It just doesn’t work that way, stomp you feet and whine all your want.

Owning a gun does not make you a de facto patriot. Diane Feinstein once claimed ownership of a gun. Should I be impressed by that fact and support her? This fight is about allegiance to the principles upon which this nation was founded; individual liberty, personal responsibility and a limited government. If you cannot stand behind those principles you are not an ally of mine, no matter how many guns you claim to possess.

What to Do

So, what should you do? I suppose a good start would be to actually read the Bill of Rights and the U.S. Constitution. If you haven’t read them since 10th grade it’s time for another look. Take the time to read your individual state constitution as well. It is amazing how many local politicians have apparently never read.

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Educate yourself, read books that were written before the current trend of ‘revisionist history’.  The Political Thought of the American Revolution by Clinton Rossiter was once used in college courses. It is out of print but worth its weight in gold.  Paul Revere’s Ride by David Hackett Fischer describes the events leading up to April 19, 1775 and first ensuing battle of the American Revolution. Founding Brothers by Joseph J. Ellis is another valuable resource.

Next, pay attention to what is going on in the world around you. Endeavor to stay informed. I know it can be depressing, but adults have to deal with uncomfortable issues. Only children can get away with playing games all day long.

Show Support

Support pro-Liberty and 2nd Amendment organizations nationally and locally. The NRA, GOA, 2nd Amendment Foundation, etc. have all been laboring to protect your rights. Let your Local, State and Federal representatives know that you will indeed hold them responsible for the actions they take and that you are paying attention to their behavior as your proxy in government.

Introduce a new person to the safe use of firearms. Take a friend, coworker or colleague to the range and show them how to enjoy safe and effective use of guns. Lay off of the macho and allow everyone to enjoy the experience in a friendly and open environment.

That should be enough to keep you busy and give you a place to start. You don’t have to do everything on the list at once, but you should be able to get started today. Time for a coffee refill.

Paul Markel © 2014

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