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This week, Professor Paul wrote about how tough the Canik TP9 line is, on the Radio this week we've got some Pre-Req episodes, and on the Store we're retiring some of our products. Get in now before they're gone forever!

[Guide] Canik Pistols - Rhino Tough

There are guns for fun and guns for fighting. Canik pistols are Tough and built for fighting. For the last five years or so I have been working with the modern incarnations of the Canik pistol line.

The first version that I had the opportunity to work with was the TP9SA. Since that first experience, I have evaluated and carried several models of Canik pistol. Let’s take a moment to examine the various handguns and how we may use them.

SOTG 930 - Pre-Req: Why You Will Never Find Me Unarmed

Why it is so important for a free people to be armed? Why will you never find the Professor unarmed?

Over the Labor Day weekend, Paul sat and watched “Auschwitz: the Nazis and the Final Solution” a BBC series detailing the socialist genocide committed during World War II.

You may be surprised at what you were not taught in school.

SOTG 931 - Get Off the Fence and Declare Allegiance [Pre-Req]

The progressive left in America is demonstrating their allegiance to their big government slave masters by calling for the murder of local police officers.

It is time for the productive American citizens to get off the fence, stop making excuses and declare your allegiance to the United States of America and its founding principles.

The RPK - Saigon Report Ep. 07

Big Thanks to Century Arms!

The RPK “Ruchnoy Pulemyot Kalashnikova” was a light machine gun developed by Mikhail Kalashnikov in the 1950s along with the upgraded AKM rifle.

Feel the BuRN - Brownells BRN-180 | SOTG LIVE

The BRN-180 is one of the Newest & Coolest things available right now from our good buddies over at Brownells, and Professor Paul has just completed his own build!

The BRN is available as an Upper and a Lower, which are best paired together, however should fit just fine on any other half you wish!

SOTG 931 Pt. 2 - Bloomberg is More Important than You

Listen to Little Mikey Bloomberg as he explains to stupid peasants how the lives the rich and powerful are more important than theirs.

Little Mikey also tells us how his private security team is made up of retired cops who are all firearms experts.

SOTG 931 Pt. 3 - No Means No & More Psychological Terrorism from Public Schools

What is going on in our public schools? Teachers and school administrators are pushing even more psychological terrorism and our kids are suffering from it.

Case in point an 11-year-old girl was FORCED to dance with a boy who made her uncomfortable by a school principal in Utah.

Anyone who says “Only the police can be trusted with guns, because they’re trained experts”, is either a liar or blissfully ignorant.

~Paul Markel

Great Article: [Guide] Canik Pistols - Rhino Tough

Recommended Reading: The Law by Frederic Bastiat

The "Sunset" Collection

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