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Once again, the subject of point shooting has come up. By point shooting we mean firing a handgun while deliberately disregarding the sights. Having over thirty years of experience in the training arena, Professor Paul has some thoughts on the subject.

Our SWAT Fuel Warrior of the Week has a question about where a person should carry their defensive tools, specifically in regards to their dominant hand versus their support hand. That is a good question and we are happy to address it.

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Mediocrity: How to Fail and Feel Good About It

When I gaze upon the smiling faces of my children I think to myself, “I hope one day they can find a way to just get by while putting in the bare minimum effort.” Perhaps, if I’m really lucky, my kids will be the most mediocre ‘C’ students they can be. After all, isn’t that what your parents wished for you? Didn’t your parents tell you to aim for the middle? “I want to see all C’s and D’s on your report card mister or no TV for a week.”

Like the river that slowly erodes the bank or the ocean that wears the rocks down to sand, our once proud and prosperous nation has lost its shine and luster. The edges are worn and the paint chipped and fading. And, sadly, far too many citizens gaze upon the nation and think “It’s good enough.”

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