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Does your holster squeak? Leathering conditioning might be in order. Today we will consider treatments and conditioning for your leather holster to prevent squeak and extend its life. Remember, most hybrid holsters are half leather.

Curious about the shotgun shooting sports? There is more to shotgun shooting than skeet, or even trap. Jarrad will help us understand the differences between the various shotgun shooting games.

Also, we have a recommendation for getting your kids started in the shotgun sports.

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From www.realmenrealstyle.com:

The oldest leather artifact in the world is a 5,500-year old leather shoe.

The size 7 woman’s shoe was discovered in Armenia.

The leather outlived centuries of decay because it was stuffed with grass and buried under a mound of sheep dung.

Natural preservatives.

There is an easier way to preserve your leather and maintain its original condition for decades. It involves the use of leather conditioners, cleaners and protectants.

Leather is leather is leather.

Why would you invest in different cleaning products for your leather shoes, bags, jackets, furniture and car seats?

Why not use a shoe polish to clean your briefcase?

For starters, there is a wide variety in the range of leather hides and finishes used for products that are covered by the blanket label, leather products.

Understanding the composition and application of the different types of conditioners, creams and polishes can prevent staining, discoloration and stiffening of the leather.

But first, let’s start with the different layers of leathers and the basic steps to keep the leather in top condition.

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