The change in the weather has made the Professor feel benevolent, you are going to get your Christmas Gift early this year. Actually, your Christmas gift will be spread out over the next two weeks. So listen louder.

Our SWAT Fuel Warrior of the Week just purchased his first AR and has some questions. Paul will consider and suggest the mandatory accessories for an AR or any self-loading rifle. Also, we tested a new pistol, tune in to hear our initial thoughts.

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Expanding on the original Patriot Fire Team concept, the “Team Manual” considers how to create, equip, organize, and train a four man fire team consisting of your friends and neighbors.

Paul Markel has spent three decades as a professional gun-carrier; as a United States Marine, a police officer, and a professional bodyguard.

The gear and clothing selection and training suggestions that are offered in this Manual reflect a lifetime commitment to providing safety and security to the people of the United States of America.

The Team Manual covers critical subjects that go far beyond simply purchasing firearms and ammunition. Considering the challenges facing the United States of America, the survival of your family and community may fall upon the choices YOU make in the very near future.

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