Do you know what a Black Swan event is and how it could affect you? We are pleased to have Jeff Kirkham, co-author of Black Autumn on the show with us. Jeff and Paul will discuss the new book, Tourniquet Wars, training and much more.

Our SWAT Fuel Warrior of the Week has a question about flush magazines versus extended version for sub-compact handguns. Which is better and why?

During our weekly Quiet Time from, we consider the recommended reading, Black Autumn. How is this book is different from other post-apocalyptic novels and what makes it stand out?

Topics Covered During This Episode:

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    • From Tom Holybee: Is the Flush Magazine for Subcompact Handguns worth the effort, or should they all just get the extension put on?

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An already weakened U.S. economy crumbles after a rogue nation detonates a small nuclear bomb in a Los Angeles port. The disastrous economic domino effect known as “Black Autumn” threatens a group of Special Forces vets, their families, and friends, leaving serious doubt that their skills and fortitude will be enough to bridge the deadly gap between modern society and an epoch of American savagery.

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