While some states are cowering or trying steal the rights of citizens, Wyoming confirmed the rights of their citizens by affirming the right to stand your ground against unlawful attack. No citizen needs to retreat from an attack while they are any place they are lawfully present.

Our SWAT Fuel Warrior of the Week has a silencer question and the Professor is happy to address it. We also have a new addition to our Patriot Bookshelf during the SilencerShop.com Quiet Time Moment.

Should we take advice from kids? We already know that today’s youth are ignorant Pod Eaters, but they have found a new way to negligently kill themselves. Yes, the Pod Eaters are playing the Choking Game, and many are dying.

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  • Quiet Time
  • Muslim Teen watched YouTube / read Quran before committing murder – Muslim teen watched jihadi videos, read Quran for ‘courage’ before Florida sleepover stabbings, cops say www.foxnews.com
  • Now the Tide Pod eaters are choking themselves to death. This is who we are supposed to take political advice from? –  Kids Are Playing the ‘Choking Game’ to Get High. Instead, They’re Dying http://time.com
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  1. https://youtu.be/lTs6a0ORdQU
  2. https://youtu.be/AjT8UhDAVHI
  3. https://youtu.be/tLtP8Xg5ZDc
  4. https://youtu.be/DVLStumDzOE


From www.foxnews.com:

A Florida teenager — who had previously been investigated for “alleged violent tendencies” — watched jihadist videos and read the Koran “to give him courage” before stabbing a 13-year-old boy to death and seriously injuring two others at a birthday sleepover Monday, cops said.

Corey Johnson, 17, was charged with first-degree murder and attempted first-degree murder after police said he confessed to the assault at the 13th birthday sleepover party at a BallenIsles Country Club home, the Palm Beach Post reported.

Jupiter Police, Palm Beach County School District police and the FBI previously received “intelligence gathering” on Johnson that prompted an investigation into his “alleged violent tendencies,” the Palm Beach Post reported.

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From time.com:

Erik Robinson was 12 years old in April 2010 when he accidentally strangled himself. He had just returned home from a Boy Scouts weekend retreat, where he earned an award for leadership, when he wrapped a rope around his neck and hung it from the pull-up bar in the kitchen of his family’s two-bedroom apartment in Santa Monica, Calif. He was seeking the moment of lightheadedness and euphoria that comes from breathing again after temporarily cutting off the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain. Instead, he died. The cause listed by police: the “Choking Game.”

“I missed him by a few minutes,” says Erik’s mother, Judy Rogg, who found her son slumped over in the doorway with his Boy Scouts rope, which he had used to practice knots, tied around his neck.

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