The very last form of legal Open Carry in the People’s Republik of Kalifornia is about to end. When Governor Moonbeam scribbles his name on the latest gun control bill in his slave state, the tax slaves will not longer be able to carry a long gun, unloaded, in an unincorporated area. Yep, the peasants cannot be trusted with unloaded guns in public.

Dr. Dan from SWAT Fuel is our guest once more for the Fighting Fitness segment. We have part 2 of the Demystifying Stem Cells discussion. This is fascinating material and something that you do not want to miss.

Also, during our Brownell’s Bullet Points feature, Paul and Jarrad will talk about ammunition and consider what prices are really too good to pass up. Listen louder.

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  • Echo II Trigger discount “Student” until Oct 15 –
  • Fighting Fitness brought to you by SWAT Fuel: Demystifying Stem Cells Pt. 2 with Dr. Dan Olesnicky from SWAT Fuel.  *Grad Program Members get Starting Strength Discount
  • Brownells Bullet Points: Ammo Sales: Buy Price1
  • California Set to Eliminate Last Legal Form of Open Carry:



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The right to bear arms is quickly disappearing in the State of California. via Truth About Guns.

The California legislature has sent AB-7 to Governor Brown’s desk. Should he sign it ? and all signs indicate he will ? the Golden State’s only legal form of open carry will go bye-bye. Wait. You didn’t know that any kind of open carry was legal in California? True story! As I type, residents can open carry a long gun in unincorporated areas. You’ll never guess which city consists of 65 percent unincorporated areas . . .

L.A.! I love it! Actually, I don’t. But lots of people do, and the one million people living in its unincorporated environs are currently free to open carry an unloaded long gun. When AB-7 gets Brown’s signature, they won’t.

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