You likely thought that the “Minority Report” was fiction. As on Maryland homeowner learned, fatally, is that the Department of Pre-Crime is alive and it exists the United States of America. Bill of Rights be damned, in Maryland gun owner are dangerous and must be eliminated.

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From is reporting that a Maryland resident was killed by police as they tried to enforce a “Red Flag Gun Confiscation Order” at 5:17 am in the morning on Monday, November 5th, 2018.

Information is incomplete at this time but according to Fox Baltimore;

“Anne Arundel County Police are investigating an officer-involved shooting that occurred Monday morning in Ferndale.

Police spokesman Jacklyn Davis said officers responded to 103 Linwood Avenue at around 5:15 a.m. to serve an “emergency risk protective order,” also known as the red flag order.

The man answered the door armed with a handgun and a struggle ensued as officers attempted to disarm the man, Davis said.

During the struggle, the man’s handgun discharged and police fired shots, Davis said.

Davis says no Anne Arundel County officers were injured in the struggle. The suspect was pronounced dead on scene.”

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