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Slave states are witnessing a mass exodus of taxpayers from the socialist dictatorships to Free America. Is this a good thing for Free America are should we be worried. Professor Paul and Jarrad have some thoughts about helping former slaves assimilate to freedom.

Our Brownell’s Bullet Point segment deals with gas management. Specifically, we consider how to deal with or manage the gas that is escaping from your muzzle. Our friends from Akyls Defense has new device to help.

Additionally, during this week’s SOTG Homeroom from Crossbreed Holsters, Paul will discuss violence and violence of action. Is violence a bad word? Does employing violence mean that you are breaking law or violating Malum In Se? Let’s take some time to consider the potential value of violence of action.

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Topics Covered During This Episode:

  • Brownells Bullet Points: Gas control: some people just don’t get it. The .223 / 5.56mm is a violently loud cartridge https://aklysdefense.com
  • SOTG Homeroom: Violence of Action: Understand the difference between felonious behaviour and righteous action
  • Slave State News: People fleeing Slave States, but is that a good thing? – Mass Exodus From States Run By Top Democratic Governors Continues https://www.forbes.com


  1. https://youtu.be/poBELfiG_Ng
  2. https://youtu.be/DVLStumDzOE

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From www.forbes.com:

The Democratic Governors Association, in an attempt to attack Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner (R) tweeted this week about how 33,000 people left Illinois for another state over the past year, continuing years of outmigration from the Land of Lincoln.

With that tweet, the DGA is trying to make the public dumber. The DGA knows full well that Gov. Bruce Rauner doesn’t run his state. That would be House Speaker Mike Madigan (D), who has presided over the decline of a once great state during his 34 years as Speaker. By attempting to pin Illinois’ continued decline on Gov. Rauner, the DGA is either ignorant about how Illinois politics works, or they are lying. Most likely the latter, but either way it’s not good.

The DGA wants to talk about the 33,000 people who have fled Speaker Mike Madigan’s Illinois over the last year. What they won’t be touting is the fact that during the administration of Gov. Pat Quinn (D), Rauner’s predecessor, 247,410 people on net left Illinois for the likes of North Carolina, Texas, Florida, Arizona, and other states that are better stewards of taxpayer dollars. Those 247,410 people who left during Gov. Quinn’s time in office, according to IRS migration data, took $13.7 billion with them to states that that are better run and have lower taxes.

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