From the State that never met an anti-gun law it didn’t like, the California State Senate has voted to make it illegal to purchase a rifle or shotgun for anyone under age 21. Oh, but that is not all, they have an Easter Egg hidden in the bill and we will tell you all about it.

Our SWAT Fuel Warrior of the Week has a question about standard rifle scopes versus night vision. Which is preferable? The Professor has some advice to offer.

Also, during we have our Quiet Time Moment from Paul has a new tool for quiet time at the range and will share the specifics with all of you. Listen louder.

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 TOPIC: Glass vs Night Vision

  • If not carrying a gun convo? not confident or a daunting process?
    • Aren’t confident in their skills and don’t trust themselves to carry a gun
    • Are new and are daunted by the thought of figuring out what works for them
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  • Slave State News: No Guns til 21 in California? California Senate approves raising age to buy rifles, shotguns to 21
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Only people 21 and older would be able to buy rifles and shotguns under a bill just passed by the California Senate.

The Senate on Tuesday approved the measure by Democratic Sen. Anthony Portantino of La Canada Flintridge, sending it to the Assembly on a 23-10 vote.

The measure would also ban people from buying more than one rifle or shotgun each month. These limits currently only apply to handguns.

Republican Sen. Jim Nielsen of Gerber says California should instead target criminal gangs and those with mental disabilities whom he said will obtain the guns no matter the legal limits.

Walmart and Dick’s Sporting Goods previously announced age limits on gun sales.

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