Would the progressive left resort to brainwashing your kids into believing guns are evil? Listen to the words of Eric Holder and consider the current state of affairs in our schools.

We know that guns are dangerous tools, but do they have the power to destroy the universe? According to one community leader in California, that is exactly the case. We will let you judge for yourself.

During our Fighting Fitness segment from SWAT Fuel, Jarrad and Paul discuss earning your light day and Jarrad has an early Christmas gift for you; the Barbell Training Tracker. Be sure to listen louder.

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  • Gun Advent Calendar Day #20 – 9mm GLOCK 43 with XS Sights
  • Fighting Fitness brought to you by SWAT Fuel: Earning the Light Day & The Barbell Training Tracker — https://www.studentofthegun.com/bbtracker
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  • Brownells Bullet Points: Pistol Sights are Good
  • 3 Dot Sights Suck, and Everyone Wants Them https://www.studentofthegun.com
  • Vagination Report: Guns Destroy the Universe – Anti-tank weapon turned in at San Francisco gun buyback http://abc7news.com
  • Gun “Buy Back” / Surrender programs “Normalize” the idea that guns are bad.  Brainwashing
  • Eric Holder 1995: We Must ‘Brainwash’ People Against Guns http://www.breitbart.com


  1. https://youtu.be/VzSdPxlGGZc?t=1m6s

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Eric Holder 1995: We Must ‘Brainwash’ People Against Guns- www.breitbart.com

From www.studentofthegun.com:

3 Dot Sights
1030: Receive a phone call from a good friend in the industry. My friend explains that he is working with a company that is producing pistol sights. He informs me that his research indicates that 3 Dot Sights outsell all other pistol sights, 10 to 1, in retail outlets. I hang up the phone depressed.

1145 Begin to work on serious thought piece regarding handgun sights and how to explain the benefits and detriments of certain types of sights.

I have gone on record more than once that I am not a fan of 3 Dot Sights. That is, a front sight with a white (red, orange, yellow, etc) dot and a rear sight with two matching dots of the same size and color. Yes, some manufacturers will put a red dot up front and two white dots in the rear. Even worse.

Yes, I fully understand the purpose of the 3 dot style of pistol sights. They are basic level simple, Kindergarten level if you will. The brand new pistol shooter is told, “Put the front sight dot between the two rear dots. Hold the pistol still and press the trigger.” What could be easier?

Some proponents would say that 3 dot sights work instinctively with the human eyes and that it is a natural function to line up the three dots in a row. That is a dubious claim to be sure.

If you discuss this situation with experienced firearms instructors, most will tell you that when the shooters are focusing on lining up the dots, their shots invariably impact low on the target. Just how low depends on the shooter, the gun, and the distance.

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From abc7news.com:

More than 270 guns were turned in during a weapons buyback event in San Francisco Saturday.

The buyback was held on Howard Street in the South of Market area, where police collected handguns, shotguns, high-powered rifles, and even an AT4 anti-tank weapon.

Community leader Rudy Corpuz Jr., with United Playaz, said San Francisco took a big step toward being less violent.

“We got a bazooka off the streets. We got a cannon ball off the streets. We got assault rifles. We got everything that you can name that could destroy a whole universe and we get rid of them within hours,” he told ABC7 News.

Buyback organizers added that the event succeeded because of its “no questions asked” policy for people who surrender guns.

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