[PRE-ORDER] “The Operator” by Nicholas Orr – Autographed

The Narrative

Thomas Thrasher, a decorated United States Marine combat veteran turned military contractor, had survived the threats and dangers of war overseas and set up a comfortable, well-organized existence for himself. Thrasher’s life was going exactly the way he planned until the day he received a message for a former lover, desperately begging him for help.

Without much warning, Thrasher would be thrust into a world of drugs, deception, corruption, and organized crime. A seasoned military operator, Tommy would have to fall back on everything he learned in combat and use that experience to save an innocent life as well as fight for his own survival.

Mr. Orr's First Work

“The Operator” is a thrilling adventure filled with danger, intrigue, and romance. Readers, both men and women, will cheer the heroes, curse the villains, and find themselves drawn to characters so real they could be your friends, neighbors, or co-workers. 

Nicholas Orr is a personal friend of ours, so we decided to help Nick out, promote the book, and offer signed copies exclusively through our gear store! With this pre-order you will receive your very own Autographed copy of "The Operator" by Nicholas Orr, and help support a budding author (and hopefully series of books).