Wilderness Trauma + Survival Kit

This kit could save your life. When you need it, you need it NOW!
Compact KitFull Size Kit

Pocket Sized

Keep the kit in your pocket so you’re ALWAYS prepared for even the worst case scenario.


Trauma Gear Included

The convenience of our Pocket Life Saver Medical Kit AND survival gear. All in your pocket at once.


At this insanely low price, how can you say no? How much is your life worth to you?

The Kits:

Easily view the difference between the compact and full size kits to see which one is the best fit for your lifestyle…

The Origin of These Kits

Listen to this amazing survival story to hear about the origin of the kit. This is NOT a joke. This IS deadly serious.

Wilderness Survival & Martial Arts with John Bates

by Paul Markel, Jarrad Markel, and John Bates | www.studentofthegunradio.com

Pocket Life Saver – Compact
Wilderness Trauma/Survival Kit


Pocket Life Saver – Full Size
Wilderness Trauma/Survival Kit


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