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The Team Manual covers critical subjects that go far beyond simply purchasing firearms and ammunition. Considering the challenges facing the United States of America, the survival of your family and community may fall upon the choices YOU make in the very near future.


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Patriot Fire Team: Team Manual

Chapter #1 - Dressing for the Part

Gear & Clothing Recommendations (From Head to Toe)

Chapter #2 - Deuce Gear

Mission Critical Gear Selection

Chapter #3 - The Most Important Element: YOU

How-to Develop Strength, Stamina, and Physical Discipline

Chapter #4 - Weapons

3 Components That You Need to Understand

Chapter #5 - Signaling: Lights, Smoke, and Pyro

How-to Use Smoke & Pyro for Signaling (Day or Night)

Chapter #6 - Leadership

9 Mission Critical Staff Positions & a 14-day Leadership Training Challenge

Chapter #7 - Team Tactics

The 2 Types of Training Every Team Needs & More…

Chapter #8 - Get Your Affairs in Order

Financial Planning & 3 Critical Documents You Need to Secure

Who this book IS for:

The Patriot Fire Team: Manual is a must-read for every American citizen who is concerned about the future of this nation.

Who this book IS NOT for:

The Patriot Fire Team: Manual is NOT for comfortable slaves and those who don’t care about the future of our great nation.

This Book Includes Contributions From:

James Yeager of Tactical Response

Shane Iversen of CSAT MTT

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INCLUDED INSIDE: Patriot Fire Team: Preserving the Republic Four Men at a Time

Get the updated 2nd edition of the original PFT book FOR FREE included inside the Patriot Fire Team Manual.


9 Bonus Chapters from the Updated 2nd Edition!

As a bonus you will get 9 updated (2nd edition) chapters from the original PFT book including.


14-Day Preparedness Plan

The Author, Paul G. Markel, gives you a 14-day action plan for preparedness.


How-to Defeat Terrorism in the 21st Century

3 Steps to Defeat Terrorism in the 21st Century


Patriot Fire Team: Preserving the Republic Four Men at a Time

Chapter #1 - Cover the Basics

Understanding Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Chapter #2 - The Citizen is The Boss

4 Historical Precedents of the Representative Republic

Chapter #3 - Realization: Waking Up Your Family and Friends

A personal epiphany from the Author, 3 Impediments to Liberty, and more…

Chapter #4 - The Failed Strategy of Defense

How the Defensive Mindset leads to failure

Chapter #5 - Starting the Team

3 Detailed Plans for Family Preparedness (Gold, Silver, & Bronze)

Chapter #6 - Daily Bread

10 Food Staples That Will Last FOREVER

Chapter #7 - The Patriot Arsenal

Top 3 Defensive Firearms Every Patriot Should Own (even if you’re on a fixed income)

Chapter #8 - Training & Practice

The Difference between Training & Practice, Where to find training, and more…


Chapter 9 – Defeating Terrorism in the 21st Century


The History of Terrorism


How & Why The People's Army Failed


3 Steps to Defeat Terrorism


How-to Hold Your Leaders Accountable

Patriot Fire Team Manual

by Paul G. Markel

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A great account of how to get ready for the present and the future.

Bryan, Verified Buyer

This books has a wealth of information! This is a great book to help you get started to getting your team ready!


Lauren, Verified Buyer

I thoroughly enjoyed studying Patriot Fire Team and found it to be an excellent guide to preparing for any emergency. I have used the guidelines in the book to organize and prepare with a group of fellow Veterans.

Sam, Verified Buyer


Professor Paul does a great job covering a variety of crucial topics in a clear and concise way. Patriot Fire Team is a quick easy read that everyone should make time for — the book is filled with a huge amount of valuable information in just 9 Chapters. Read it, you won’t regret it!


Alan, Verified Buyer


Patriot Fire Team Manual

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