Morning Mindset: A 30 Day Plan for a More Positive & Productive Life

30 Days of Motivation

Sometimes, we all need some guidance, some inspiration. With this book, you will have a full 30 days worth of daily inspiration and motivation. Start each morning with a chapter, along side your morning coffee or maybe on the treadmill.

Prof. Paul has tried his hand in many different forms & fashions of writing and producing. So at this time in his life, he has decided to share some of his wisdom with everyone. How to lead a positive, productive and fulfilling life, condensed into this one little book.

Based off the Popular Podcast

If you were unaware, Professor Paul also does a show called the Morning Mindset Podcast, which is what inspired the writing of this book.​

If you enjoy the show, you will assuredly like the book, and vice versa. If there has ever been a time in your life where things were looking down, and you weren't feeling so great, or if that time is now, you will find great value in both.

Show Image Morning Mindset Podcast