Ballistics for your Protection

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Man-PACK® Ballistic Clipboard

This Clipboard from Man-PACK is more than just your standard writing accessory, it could also potentially save your live. With enough structural integrity to withstand multiple magazines of handgun and shotgun ammo, without being penetrated or ricochet, this clipboard could keep you safe from grievous injury.

You can be prepared for the worst, with this both discreet and multi-use accessory from Man-PACK. Furthermore it’s a good fit for teachers that already use clipboards. In addition, it is perfect if you are on the playground, in the field, parking lot, or a bus.

Finally, the people of Man-PACK tested, evaluated and honed this product to the highest standard necessary. So you can purchase assured that this is a quality product. Also, us at Student of the Gun all personally endorse this fine product, as well as customers who have purchased it before.


  • Ballistic protection per National Institute of Justice standards (Level 3A)
  • 10 inches x 13 inches in size
  • Weighs only 1 pound

Man-PACK® Ballistic Backpack Insert

You can put this Backpack Insert into book bags, back packs and brief cases. This Ballistic Backpack Insert provides a layer of tough protection from handgun fire and can stop multiple rounds.

This Backpack Insert is Manufactured with Dyneema® (a high performance polyethylene fiber). This board weighs less than one pound,  and meets the NIJ Level IIIA Ballistic testing standards. While you never want to be in a situation when you are threatened by gunfire, if you ever are, you’ll have a better chance with a Man-PACK Backpack Insert covering your back.


  • NIJ Level 3A
  • 10 inches wide x 13 inches high, and weighs less than 1 pound
  • Inserts into almost any backpack, briefcases or handbags
  • Ballistic protection per National Institute of Justice standards (Level 3A)
  • Protect your children, family or yourself from shootings in schools, malls or the work place

Protect Yourself Now!

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