BarrelBuddy: Firearm Cleaning Accessory


The days of using Patches for mediocre barrel cleaning are dead and gone, and we are all better off for it. Allow us to pose the question, why would you want to put a flat, 2D piece of flimsy cloth into a 3D tube (barrel)? When you put it like that, it seems silly, doesn't it?

With the BarrelBuddy, you've got your Square Peg for your Square Hole. Made specially and specifically for YOUR GUN. Not like patches.


The BarrelBuddy cleaners are made and sized for many different sizes and shapes of barrel, to get a tight, smooth clean. Produced in 7 different sizes, but each size will comfortably & effectively fit beyond the intended caliber.

With BarrelBuddy, you can clean almost any kind of personal weapon that you can imagine. From .22 all the way to 12 Gauge! There's a size for you, they even make B.Buddies for Black Powder guns, for you old school gentlemen and ladies out there.

Heck if somehow there isn't a BarrelBuddy out there in your needed size, feel free to reach out and let them know at
If they get enough inquires about it, maybe they'll make them in your size!


While the BB itself outclasses any & all patches on the market, all gun cleaning accessories need Lube and Solvents to help get the job done perfectly.

That's where Froglube comes in! Froglube solvent will not only help to get the grime and gunk out of the bore & barrel of your gun, but also the super easy to apply lube will make your slide, bolt or whatever you've got going run and operate smooth as ever.