Armed Living: Enhanced Concealed Carry Class


Armed Living is More than just Pressing the Trigger

There are many classes that you can take out there, with many varying degrees of accuracy and practicality. Most will teach you how, many will tell you when, but very, very few will explain the "What Now?" or the true reality of the situation.

In this class taught by none other than Professor Paul himself, he walks you through each and every step that you will encounter in & after a real, no kidding gunfight. It's heavy stuff, but it is also very important.

About the Teacher

Now just before, I mentioned "none other than Professor Paul himself". However you may be asking or thinking, "Who is he and why do I care?" Paul Markel is a man who has done pretty much every job that requires the carrying of a firearm.

Training the US Military, Law Enforcement, Professional Bodyguard Work, and even time in the Marine Corps. Prof. Paul has been handling and using firearms since he could handle them safely, and has made several careers from it. You can trust his word.


SOTG 682 - Team Tactics: The World is Not the Range & Getting Hard Again

Being An Armed Citizen

There is so much more to being an armed citizen than just carrying the gun. You have to know how to use it safely & effectively, and most importantly, you have you know when to use your gun. That is something many people don't consider. But it is critical.

In addition to just being great and valuable information, you also receive the Armed Living Digital Video for Free after signing up for the class! That's an extra $25 value for ya.