“If You Can Afford Dope, You Can Afford Soap” T-Shirt

There is No Excuse

It's pretty simple, if you can afford Dope, you can afford Soap. All those hippies and degenerates who walk around smelling like dope, stinking up whatever location they're in. As though everyone on the block wants to smell them and know "Oh, there's an unemployed trash-bag around here somewhere.

We all want to tell these kinds of people off, but who wants to open their mouth around them? So with this stylin' new shirt from SOTG, you can make your stance of dope-smoking hippies known!

Great for friends, family, and maybe any Dope Smokers that you may know.

Those Darn Hippies

We all know them, the dirty, smelly doper hippies. Walking around ungroomed and unwashed, yet somehow carry that pungent skunk like smell with them at all times.

But if they smell like that, then they clearly don't have the money for soap so they can properly wash themselves. Except they do, but instead they decide to blow all their cash on Dope.

With this shirt, you can let those smelly hippies know what you think, and remind them that if they can Afford Dope, they can Afford Soap.

The Shirt Itself

The shirt is Gildan brand and from 100% Pre-Shrunk Cotton from for comfort & lastability. The design is screen-printed on, so it should stay clean looking and legible for a good while!

The shirt comes in Black & White, and sizes all the way from Small to 5XL! This shirt will fit darn near anyone who wants one.