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That's one of the biggest concerns we hear from listeners all over the world... "I feel alone, like I'm the only one that actually GETS IT."

That is one of the reasons we created The Student Lounge... To give you a place to connect with like-minded individuals. Because community is very important. You don't need to cradle the world's problems on your shoulders.

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The older I've gotten the more I realized I'm a Constitutionalist, Libertarian, and Patriot. When I first heard the podcast I did what Paul says: " Well they hardly talk about guns at all and the host is kinda rude!!". Well I'm glad I gave it a few more listens. Always great information. I finally decided that one the information was worth supporting, and two I get the chance to join a group that is more than just sunshine patriots. I see it like this; the Grad program is a lot like church, going there doesn't make you a Patriot (or Christian), you go there for the fellowship that feeds your soul and guides you to being a better Christian. And the Grad program is the same for Patriots, it's here so that we can help each grow and strength our resolve in being true patriots of U.S.A. 


Andy Duncan

Member since August 12th, 2016


I joined to find people who share the same principles and ideals as me. When I'm surrounded by people who don't see the world the same way (parents and teachers at my kids' school, co-workers, most of my family, etc.) it can be pretty disheartening and often annoying. Not that I don't get along with people because I get along with almost everyone. It would just be nice to be part of a group/family of people who just "get me" so to speak and every time I listen to SOTG radio that's how I feel, like someone out there gets me


Karissa Holybee

Member since November 14th, 2017


Why did I join the grad program? Here's my well thought out answer.

I started listening intently to SOTG around September last year. I had heard Paul with Mark Walters and an episode of AAR and, to be honest, didn’t much care for Paul at the time. From that AAR episode, I added SOTG to my list of podcasts and gave an episode a go. Gotta admit – the first couple were rough for me as I worked to catch up on “everything SOTG.” Alex telling me every episode I was wrong just pissed me off, so I shelved it for a bit.

A month or so later I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and needed to up my level of activity. I started 40 minutes a day on the treadmill and reached a point where I could only take so much AAR, so I went back to SOTG and never looked back. It took a bit, but I got caught up, easily fixed myself and really started taking to the Fighting Fitness segments due to me managing my blood pressure.

After continually hearing about the Grad Program being pimped constantly and feeling left out of the loop, I joined to see what it was all about – having 30 days of no-risk access combined with the signed 5 Strategies book was a low-risk way to check it out.

I actually remember where I was when listening to an episode pimping the Grad program and indicating that there were still a few signed copies of 5 Strategies available for those who joined.

I was also in the market for an improved multi-vitamin and gave SWAT Fuel a try, using the Grad Program discount code. The savings on .40, 9mm and 9mm+P alone is worth it.

Finally, having Friday’s bonus episode is just fantastic – having Paul dive deeper into some topics and be present where he can speak his mind in much the same fashion I’m thinking is welcomed and refreshing.

So that’s why I joined the grad program.

The bigger question, in my humble opinion, is why have I stayed a member of the Grad Program? In a time when there are ever increasing efforts to get monthly subscriptions out of my wallet, I think that’s a worthy question.

The #1 answer I have – community. The members here are active, engaged willing to help and non-judgmental. They are adults, able to handle criticism and advise. Rallying as LMI’s around a similar passion with this level of maturity is rare to say the least, and not often found in social communities.

Followed close to community is family. The Markel family has done a tremendous job of opening themselves and making themselves available to the Grad Program in a way that demonstrates true appreciation and caring for their listening audience. To that, my hats off to you and I say, “Thank you.”

I’ve since expanded the listening audience to include my wife and, on occasion, my daughters. You all have done us a tremendous service by being open, honest, relevant and reinvigorating our passions around freedom and our great Republic. 


Kevin Hammond

Member since October 25th, 2016



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