The Canadian dictator, Justine Trudeau, bravely took to social media from her hiding place somewhere outside of the capital city to say that she is “not intimidated” by the citizens protesting against her criminal regime.

Lunatic Karens are out of control all over the United States, We have several examples to share with you. Rand Paul chimes in and offers some advice in regard to how to deal with these media-programmed slaves.

We have a special guest for our Duracoat Finished Firearm of the Week. During our Brownells Bullet Point, Professor Paul will discuss the .223 Wylde chamber and what it means to you. Also, during our SOTG Homeroom from CrossBreed Holsters we ask if you are ready to be dangerous on demand as American cities crumble?

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Criminals are terrorizing America’s small businesses as the crime crisis rages on across the nation, and Seattle Shirt Company owner Jay Ashberg told “Cavuto: Coast to Coast” that he’s looking to put a stop to it.

The small business owner argued the surge in lawlessness has “nothing to do” with the pandemic and everything to do with city governance. Ashberg put some of the blame on city council leader Kshama Sawant’s socialist approach in defunding the police.

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Monday said Canadians were disgusted by the behavior of some people protesting against COVID-19 vaccine mandates in Ottawa and said he would not be intimidated.

Dozens of trucks and other vehicles have jammed up the city center since Friday. Thousands descended upon Parliament Hill to complain about Trudeau, COVID-19 vaccine mandates and masking requirements but by mid-Monday afternoon, many had left.

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Parts of America are experiencing Mask Mandate 2: Panic Porn Boogaloo. As with the original mask mandates, you wind up with Mask Karens. These are the women who watch too much CNN and have Anthony Fauci’s face in a very strategic spot on their panties.

They also voted for Joe Biden and are among the minority of Americans who don’t think he is a senile nincompoop. Mask Karens will lash out at any naked face or anyone who dares to make a different decision than them. We’ve seen two incidents of Mask Karenism this week alone.

Sen. Rand Paul was kind enough to offer advice on what to do when confronted by a Mask Karen. (h/t Townhall)

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