Possibly the longest convo in trucking history, the Canadian Freedom Convoy has been moving across America’s Hat in protest of vaccine* mandates across the country, as well as some of the other authoritarian garbage that Justin Trudeau and his minions have been pushing.

Is this trucker protest an act of fascism? Is it anti-semetic? Is it RACIST? We address these questions, as well as the people who posed them. Spoiler, the answer is no.

Yes, you’re not dreaming. It’s the weekend and we are coming at you with a brand new, special edition of the radio show. But it’s topical, and it’s a fantastic example of modern rebellion against severe government overreach.

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  • [0:04:58] Washington Post Mocks Massive Canadian Trucker Convoy Protesting Vaccine Mandates, Labels Trucks ‘Fascism’ www.dailywire.com/news
  • [0:18:56] GoFundMe withholding $4.7 million from trucker convoy until plan presented www.thestar.com
    • GoFundMe releasing $1 million of fundraising money to trucker convoy www.ctvnews.ca
  • [0:29:00] Canadian “Freedom Convoy” Descends on Ottawa to Protest Vaccine Mandates www.nytimes.com
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From www.dailywire.com/news:

On Friday, Michael Adder, the political cartoonist for the Washington Post, mocked the Freedom Convoy of truckers crossing the breadth of Canada and heading for the nation’s capital, Ottawa, to protest against Canada’s vaccine mandate. Adder created a cartoon of numerous trucks, all labeled in capital letters “FASCISM,” adding the hashtags, “fascism” and “supplychain.”

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From www.nytimes.com:

After six days spent crossing Canada, a convoy that began as a protest against mandatory vaccination for truckers who travel to the United States was expected to arrive in Ottawa late Saturday afternoon, with its members and supporters airing a wide array of grievances.

The loosely organized “Freedom Rally” or “Freedom Convoy” of trucks and private vehicles had set off from British Columbia, and ebbed and flowed in size on the way to the capital, where the police braced for an unpredictable weekend of protests. In recent days, the convoy was joined by other, smaller groups from south and east of Ottawa as well as the national capital region itself.

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