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The Missing Component

You found some friends, some like-minded individuals (LMIs), you are planning to take training and buy some gear…

BUT… what is the missing component?

Look in your go bag. Open up your emergency cupboard or gear locker. Despite all the material that you have purchased, there is one missing component…

LEADERSHIP! The United States of America is starving for leadership.

We have plenty of bosses and rulers, but we have precious few leaders. Whether or not it was your plan or desire, at some point in time you will be called upon to exercise leadership.

The great thing about leadership is that you do not have to wait for permission to begin exercising and demonstrating it.

EVERY man and woman can demonstrate the qualities of leadership if they truly have the desire.

In the new book, the Patriot Fire Team Manual, we dedicate an ENTIRE CHAPTER to Leadership. To guide you on your journey we detail the Fourteen United States Marine Corps Leadership Traits that Professor Paul was taught so many years ago.

Who is JJ and did he really tie a buckle?

That question and many more are answered in the new book. Inside the Patriot Fire Team Manual we put it all together; the why, who, and how…

… Where and when are easy; your home town and now!

Who this book IS for:

Patriot Fire Team Manual is a must-read for every American citizen who is concerned about the future of this nation.

Who this book IS NOT for:

Patriot Fire Team Manual is NOT for comfortable slaves and those who don’t care about the future of our great nation.



  • 20-step Ranger Checklist
  • Special Designed Study Technique for this Manual
  • 29-part Rules of Ranging

Chapter 1 – Dressing for the Part

  • Gear & Clothing Recommendations (from Head to Toe)
  • What to look for in quality gear
  • Choosing Foul Weather Gear
  • Understanding the Berry Amendment regarding clothing & gear
  • What to look for in quality clothing

Chapter 2 – Deuce Gear

  • Mission Critical Gear Selection
  • Selecting the Proper Load-bearing equipment
  • Determining what gear you ACTUALLY need
  • 13 Items You Should Include in Your Go Bag

Chapter 3 – The Most Important Element: YOU

  • How-to Develop a Disciplined & Educated Mind
  • Practical Exercises Considered and Discussed
  • How-to Develop Strength, Stamina, and Physical Discipline

Chapter 4 – Weapons

  • 3 Components That You Need to Understand

Chapter 5 – Signaling: Lights, Smoke, and Pyro

  • Understand & Using Non-verbal Communication
  • 3 Attributes of a Quality Fighting Light
  • Weapons Lights vs. Handheld Lights: Benefits & Drawbacks
  • How-to Use Smoke & Pyro for Signaling (Day or Night)
  • 3 Types of Pyrotechnics Signaling Available to the American Citizen

Chapter 6 – Leadership

  • 14 Leadership Traits for Which America is Starving
  • 9 Mission Critical Staff Positions
  • The 1 Item Everyone Forgets to Put in Their Emergency Kit
  • 14-day Leadership Training Challenge

Chapter 7 – Team Tactics

  • The 2 Types of Training Every Team Needs
  • The 3 Types of Patrols
  • How-to Use the 5 Paragraph Order
  • 3 Critical Questions to Ask Yourself and Your Team Before Going on Patrol
  • 3-step Team Patrol Gear Checklist
  • The 4 Types of Contingency Plans

Chapter 8 – Get Your Affairs in Order

  • Recommended Financial Planning
  • Insurance, Wills, and Living Wills
  • 3 Critical Documents You Need to Secure
  • 3 Steps for Proper Medical Preparation

INCLUDED INSIDE: Original Patriot Fire Team Manuscript (Updated 2nd Edition)

Chapter 1 – Cover the Basics

  • Understanding Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
  • Needs in the Modern World
  • 21st Century Prepping

Chapter 2 – The Citizen is The Boss

  • 4 Historical Precedents of the Representative Republic
  • Natural Law and the Natural Rights of Men
  • 7 Supporting Quotes from the Founding Fathers

Chapter 3 – Realization: Waking Up Your Family and Friends

  • The Dangers of Ignorance
  • Personal Epiphany – Realizing the Need for Action
  • 3 Impediments to Liberty
  • The Benefits of Education

Chapter 4 – The Failed Strategy of Defense

  • Which is More Important; The Shield or The Sword?
  • How-to be Cover Conscious
  • Why throwing the first punch could be life or death
  • How the Defensive Mindset leads to failure

Chapter 5 – Starting the Team

  • The Criteria a Team Member MUST Meet
  • How-to talk to your family about your team
  • 3 Detailed Plans for Family Preparedness (Gold, Silver, & Bronze)
  • 3 Steps to Maintaining Family Communication During an Emergency

Chapter 6 – Daily Bread

  • 10 Food Staples That Will Last FOREVER
  • 3 Types of Emergency Food
  • 14-day Preparedness Plan

Chapter 7 – The Patriot Arsenal

  • Top 3 Defensive Firearms Every Patriot Should Own
  • 3 Defensive Firearms For Fixed Income Families
  • Understanding the 2 types of Ammunition
  • 2 Primary Types of Body Armor and the benefits of each

Chapter 8 – Training & Practice

  • Where to find professional training for the individual
  • The Difference between Training & Practice
  • Where to find Team Training
  • The 4 Universal Safety Rules
  • Traumatic Injury Training for Every Team Member
  • 3 Steps to Prepare for a Training Course

Chapter 9 – Defeating Terrorism in the 21st Century

  • The History of Terrorism
  • How & Why the People’s Army Failed
  • 3 Steps to Defeat Terrorism in the 21st Century
  • How-to Hold Your Leaders Accountable
  • Communication and Signaling
  • & Much More
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