Video #3 of 4: Cutting Through the Clutter

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Cutting Through the Clutter

When it comes to buying gear and equipment, the key phrase could be “cut the clutter”.

Far too often we go out and buy what we think we need and it turns out not be so. Most gun culture people have a “box of regret”, a container full of items that you once thought were useful or a good idea.

The size of that box of regret will vary depending in your experience and training. What we are hoping to do with this video is to help you keep the box of regret or bad decisions to an absolute minimum.

Making good choices in the gear and equipment department is a THREE-FOLD exercise.

Practical AND realistic choices are made based upon your training, your experience, and recommendations from those who have more training and experience than yourself.

Qualifying the latter can be a difficult task as our modern Internet era has spawned 11,957 experts.

BEFORE you spend hundreds of dollars on gear for a training course…

Read the minimum gear list from the school. Base your purchases on the minimum gear list.

Believe me…

The school staff knows what you need to accomplish their training course(s).

After you have attended a training class or two you will have a much better understanding of what you really and truly need in the gear department.

Keep in mind…

Our goal with gear and equipment is to minimize the size of our box of regret as well as to ensure we have what it takes to accomplish our mission.

By this time you should have four like-minded individuals in mind for a Patriot Fire Team. You may already be thinking about baseline training and what your goals will be.


… In addition to all of the aforementioned, you have made it your mission to purchase only practical gear.

What is the missing component? Where do we go from here?

During our final video, The Missing Component, we will put it all together and focus on the one item that you will NOT find in your go bag or gear locker.

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