Video #2 of 4: Taking the Next Step

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Taking the Next Step

After you have established your four person Patriot Fire Team, like-minded individuals who are willing to support each other as well as each other’s families, it is time to take the next step and set goals.


This is a foreign concept to many in our world. Regardless, your team needs to honestly address the idea of goal setting.

What is the purpose of your Patriot Fire Team? What do you hope to accomplish with your team efforts? These are two questions you should ask yourself and your team.

AND… Goal setting should be taken seriously.

Only by defining realistic objectives can you answer the following question:

How will we achieve our goals?

If your goal is to sail across the Atlantic Ocean you need more than a boat, you need to learn seamanship and navigation skills.

Treat your team goal setting the same way, set a large goal and several small goals that help you achieve the large goal.


If your goal is to have 4 individuals work together as a cohesive unit you need to establish some type of baseline for everyone.

Each member of the Patriot Fire Team will arrive with their own unique skill set and personal attributes.


In order for people to work together effectively they need to have some common ground to build upon.

What training should every member of your team have? Of what will your baseline education consist?

The quest of baseline training for the entire team can seem daunting at first, but it really does not need to be so.


You are not training everyone on your Patriot Fire Team to be a brain surgeon.

A good place to begin might be a two-day pistol or rifle course. Have all four members attend a professional training course put on by a reputable instructor.

Referring back to our goals, in addition to the skills needed to successfully meet our objectives, we will need gear and equipment.

BEFORE you go out and spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on gear…

You should consider what is truly practical and worthwhile.

I will help coach you through that during Video #3: Cutting Through the Clutter.

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