Video #1 of 4: Carrying the Load

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Carrying the Load

American men and women, at least those who love freedom and the principles the nation was built upon, are feeling a great deal of frustration as of late.

Everyday you read the news or watch the television, see that liberty and freedom are under attack from all sides, and you feel as if you’re carrying a huge load on your shoulders.

The natural reaction to these feelings of frustration and anger is to try and carry the burden yourself. Often we feel that we are the only ones who still care about the nation and our children’s future. But, carrying the entire load alone can crush you.

A better solution is to find like-minded individuals (LMIs) to split the load with, a few other people that care about the future of the nation as well as protecting their families and communities.

THAT is the basic concept of the Patriot Fire Team; four different people coming together and pledging mutual support for one another. Four members of a team that can split the load you are carrying if need be.

A team of like-minded individuals can come together and provide both emotional and material support for each other.

NO LONGER will you need to feel like you are the only one left in America that still cares. When one member stumbles and falls, three others will be there to help pick them up.

During an emergency or disaster, either natural or manmade, the members of the Patriot Fire Team are there to support and defend each other from whatever threats they might encounter.

Rather than sit around and complain, the Patriot Fire Team structure provides members with a practical and positive outlet. It is good to vent your frustrations, but you then need to actually do something positive.

Step number one is to seek out like-minded individuals who are willing to pledge their support to one another. After the members have been found, your next move is to establish your team goals.

What are your goals and how do you plan to meet them? We will discuss goals and ways to achieve them during the next video.

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