[Listen Louder | SOTG Radio] New Army Standards and Florida Killer Warning Signs Ignored?

[Listen Louder | SOTG Radio] New Army Standards and Florida Killer Warning Signs Ignored?

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Saratoga, WY | Student of the Gun HQ- In the wake of another school shooting, Paul and Jarrad take time to discuss if authorities overlooked the Florida Killer warning signs, as well as the history of “Gun Free Schools”. We also get an update on the new standards set for our U.S. Army; what it means to have a bug out bag gun; how a representative republic works; and if we give the government more authority, will we be safer? Don’t miss this week’s fighting fitness segment. The guys discuss the importance of a “deload” week in fitness and everyday life.

All that and more on this week’s installment of Student Of The Gun Radio, Listen Louder!

SOTG 728 - 2nd Amendment and Gun Free Schools

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Ep. 728 – 2nd Amendment and Gun Free Schools

How long have we had “Gun Free Schools” in the United States? Did Bill Clinton’s Gun Free Schools Act and Zero Tolerance produce the results that we were promised? The Professor has a homework assignment for you.

Our SWAT Fuel Warrior of the Week has a question about the 2nd Amendment to the United States Constitution. Does 2A only cover firearms or all arms? What difference does that make?

Also, during our weekly Quiet Time segment from SilencerShop.com, Paul has some suggested reading for you. Are your kids prepared and do they know what to do in an emergency?


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SOTG 729 - New Army Standards and Guns Cause Suicide

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Ep. 729 – New Army Standards and Guns Cause Suicide

The people of the USA can rest easy at night knowing that our nation’s protectors are being held to Army Standards. Just what are the new standards that the U.S. Army is placing on soldiers?

More guns equate to more suicides, or so that is the narrative that the big media complex and government elites are selling. Is that actually the case? Does access to firearms guarantee an increased rate of suicide?

What does it mean to have a Bug Out Bag Gun and what are some good choices? Also, we discuss how to truly test out your guns and gear. Listen louder.



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SOTG 729 Pt. 2 - Florida School Shooter Warning Signs Missed or Ignored

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Ep. 729 Pt. 2 – Florida Killer Warning Signs: Missed or Ignored?

The Florida Killer, were warning signs missed by the school, local law enforcement, or the FBI? Or, were the warning signs, including the threats he made, ignored by all of the aforementioned?

During our Fighting Fitness segment from SWAT Fuel, Jarrad and Paul will discuss the “deload” week and what it takes to get there.  How does the idea of deloading apply to everyday life?

The corruption of Washington D.C. and the political elite goes farther than we dared to imagine. We have audio from Mark Levin to help us better understand what is going on in our nation’s capital.


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SOTG 507 - US Constitution: Worth Going to War


Ep. 729 Pt. 3 – Representative Republic: Who is in Charge?

Just who is it that is supposed to be in charge in a representative republic? Are the people supposed to be a peasant class under a ruling class elite? Believe it or not, our founders understood the lust for power that men get when they are given power over their fellow man. The founders also offered a solution for controlling the wanton appetite of these power-hungry men.

To whom do your kids belong? Before you answer that question, you might consider the most recent example of liberal psycho-babble and psychological terrorism coming out of Delaware.

If we give the government more authority and power over our daily lives, will we be safer? We examine several cases where the Federal Government had a chance to protect us from terror and failed miserably. Listen louder.

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