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Saratoga, WY | Student of the Gun HQ- Jazzy Jarrad is off trotting the country for Business & Pleasure alike, so this week was the first half of a Two Week long “Best Of” serial, where we look back at Professor Paul’s lecture of Leadership Series and what it takes to be a leader. This is valuable information, and if you missed it the first time, this is a perfect chance for you to catch up.
(P.S. There was still a New Grad Program episode this week, because you’re worth it ;-] )

All that and more on this week’s installment of of Student Of The Gun Radio!

SOTG 686 - [Best Of] Leadership Pt. 1: Justice & Judgement

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Ep. 686 – [Best Of] Leadership Pt. 1: Justice & Judgement –

On this episode of Student of the Gun Radio; We begin our student of the 14 United State Marine Corps leadership traits with Justice and Judgement. What does justice mean to a leader and how do we apply it to everyday life? The Patriot Fire Team Manual will be our study guide for this series.

Our SWAT Fuel Warrior of the Week has a question about “blue guns”. Why are “blue guns” or dummy guns important for the average gun owner to possess? Tune in and listen louder.

(Original Ep. #: 638 | Original Air Date: 8/14/2017)

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SOTG 687 - [Best Of] Leadership Pt. 2: Dependability & Initiative

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Ep. 687 – [Best Of] Leadership Pt. 2: Dependability & Initiative –

On this episode of Student of the Gun Radio; We continues with our leadership series. During this episode with will consider dependability and initiative as positive traits that every leader should possess.

During this week’s Quiet Time from SilencerShop.com, we consider whether or not, based upon pending legislation, it is a good idea to order and purchase a silencer now, rather than wait. If you are considering a gun muffler you need to listen in.

(Original Ep. #: 639 | Original Air Date: 8/15/2017)

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SOTG 688 - [Best Of] Leadership Pt. 3: Decisiveness & Tact

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Ep. 688 – [Best Of] Leadership Pt. 3: Decisiveness & Tact –

On this episode of Student of the Gun Radio; We progress through our leadership series with decisiveness and tact. Professor Paul explains the best route to decisiveness. Also, he relates a personal story from his time as a police officer where tact was the best tactic.

During our Fighting Fitness from SWAT Fuel, Jarrad considers the value of physical fitness for leaders and developing the qualities of a leader. We have a new article from Paul that fits right in with our weekly fitness discussion.  Tune in and listen louder.

(Original Ep. #: 640 | Original Air Date: 8/16/2017)

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SOTG 689 - [Best Of] Leadership Pt. 4: Integrity and Enthusiasm

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Ep. 689 -[Best Of] Leadership Pt. 4: Integrity and Enthusiasm –

On this episode of Student of the Gun Radio; What is integrity and what does it means to potential leaders? We continue with our leadership training series with the traits of integrity and enthusiasm. Once more, Professor Paul leads us through the topic and offers realistic examples for modern America.

During our SOTG Homeroom segment from Crossbreed Holsters, we will consider alternate uses of force. Specifically, Paul will address OC / Pepper spray. Once more we find ourselves correcting myth and misunderstanding regarding this popular less than lethal use of force tool.

(Original Ep. #: 641 | Original Air Date: 8/17/2017)

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SOTG 689 Pt. 2 - Gun Control Failures and AMA

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Ep. 689 Pt. 2 – Gun Control Failures and AMA –

On this episode of Student of the Gun Radio BONUS HOUR; It is with no small amount of glee that we share examples of gun control failures with you. These failures are not our opinions, but the gun control failures in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts are documents facts.

The Las Vegas attack was not the worst case of “gun related murder” in the United States. The media knows that is the case, which is why they use words like “in recent history” or “modern history” in their stories about it. We will take a moment to examine the actual worst case of “gun violence” in American History.

Time for an Ask Me Anything, or AMA. You posted your questions in the Liberty Mastermind group and on Facebook. Now Paul and Jarrad will answer many of them.  Yes, of course, we have a motivational music selection for you.

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